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Relocation Service Köln

Our philosophy

Relocation Service Köln

"Crossing Cultures- Smoothing Your Path"
Relocation is more than one box and a time zone change.

It is a fresh start, a new land, a new town, a new house, a new workplace, a new school, new friends, countless questions and a whole lot more.

FreshGround is an enterprise which provides a wide palette of solutions oriented to our customers for all these things. We commit ourselves to guarantee high-quality services and never to lose sight of the individual needs of our customer.

With FreshGround you will not get an "Off-the-shelf" package but an individually tailored solution which, through perfect organization and maximum efficiency, contrasts starkly with the competition.

Respect, honesty, enthusiasm and a passion for other cultures are living values with us!

Our plus:
+ A Specialist multi-lingual team
+ International and intercultural experience
+ Professional consultation and individual care
+ Discreet, adaptable and un-bureaucratic support
+ Good connections with the authorities and state departments
+ eExcellent knowledge of the local housing market
+ Independent of any one broker
+ Good contact to insurance companies, banks, craftsmen and other service
+ providers
+ Fair policy on prices

Relocation Service Köln